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Terms & Conditions of Use


Accept(s): includes, but is not limited to include, the acknowledgement, understanding and acceptance of all limitations of the App and to indemnify the App Producers against all liability, loss, damage or injury (including consequential loss and damage and any legal costs) suffered by any person, organisation or entity in connection with the use of content including but not limited to any liability, loss, damage, injury or death.

Agency(ies): Includes but not limited to emergency services entities and state, federal and local government entities.

App: the mobile device application including its functions and tools that is available for free download from the relevant App Store under the name 'Emergency AUS' and related websites including www.emergencyaus.info, www.emergencyact.info, www.emergencynsw.info, www.emergencynt.info, www.emergencyqld.info, www.emergencysa.info, www.emergencytas.info, www.emergencyvic.info, www.emergencywa.info and www.ripeintel.info.

App Producers: jointly refers to RIPE Intelligence Pty Ltd and Gridstone Pty Ltd and their shareholders and where appropriate their employees, contractors, and stakeholders.

Author: The author of the App is RIPE Intelligence Pty Ltd.

Content: Includes, but not limited to include, all products, services, documentation, data, layers, observations, feeds, text, diagrams, statistics, observations, icons, logos, avatars images, photos, video, screen snaps, and information which is sourced from or submitted via the App.

Emergency AUS: the mobile device Application including its functions and tools that is available for free download from the relevant App Store under the name 'Emergency AUS' and related websites as defined under App.

Observation(s): Content that may be available in, or submitted via, the App, that may be provided by a non-official and unverified source including the general public.

Publisher: The publisher of the App is Gridstone Pty Ltd.

User(s): Any person who utilises the App or its content including those who use Content provided by a third-party that has sourced it from the App.


Users accept that Content made available via the app is obtained from both official and non-official sources and that the App Producers hold no legal or statutory responsibility to provide warnings under any emergency services act (or the like). The App Producers have no relevant affiliation with emergency services for the provision of emergency information or warnings nor is it inferred that the App is supported or endorsed by entities with statutory responsibilities to protect the community.

Users accept and acknowledge that Content may not be complete or comprehensive to the extent that relying solely on Content made available via the App may not be sufficient to ensure you make the safest or best decision.

The Content is provided for consideration toward an appreciation of any situation and must not be relied on as a primary or sole source of information. All users must refer to the agency responsible to provide public emergency information prior to making decisions.

The App contains links to, and Content from third parties that are not owned, managed or influenced by the App Producers. The App Producers cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of Content from these sources or any action undertaken or not undertaken taken based on any Content.

The App is provided for personnel use only via a revocable, non-exclusive and non-transferable license. This license extends only to the use of the App via the interface provided.

The App is provided with good intent and users are expected to utilise the App and Content in a similar and respectful way.


Users accept that Observations submitted via the App may appear in the public domain and the User’s location may be disclosed. User identity will not be affiliated with any content displayed publicly. The provision of Content including but not limited to comments, photos and video via the App by a User is considered a relinquishment of any copyright related to that Content and such copyright is passed to the App Producers.

The App Producers endeavor to ensure all Content is accurate and current, however Users accept that Content provided in the App including, but not limited to, Observations, are not confirmed, vetted or verified in any way prior to publication and may not be accurate.


Users are not permitted by the App Producers to submit content where by doing so endangers the health or safety of any person in any way. Users must not obstruct emergency services personnel in any way, must not breach an individual’s privacy or breach copyright in the process of submitting Content. Users accept and remain liable for all and any actions undertaken in relation to submitting Content via the App.

The provision of misleading Content, including, but not limited to, Observations, is a breach of these terms and conditions, and may result in the User’s access to the App being blocked without refund and/or the User being held responsible for an unsafe decision made by another User.


Non-personal use of the App and Content including, but not limited to, use by the media, agencies, emergency services, government agencies/departments, statutory organisations, private or public companies or those acting on behalf of said entities is granted under separate revocable, non-exclusive and non-transferable licenses for evaluation purposes only. This extends only to the use of the App via the interface provided.

Media may report information provided via the App however it must be accompanied with an audible and visual credit to www.emergencyaus.info wherever possible via the medium. Higher resolution copies of images may be accessed via request to support@emergencyaus.info.


Users accept that the use of registered trademarks or copyrighted material is not permitted and a number of patents are pending in relation to aspects of the App. For further information, please contact support@emergencyaus.info.


Any breach, intentional or otherwise of the terms and conditions may result in the relinquishment of the applicable license and an access block to the App without refund. Where a significant or deliberate breach occurs or in any case where the Publishers deem appropriate, inappropriate activity will be reported to authorities.

Any User thought to be deliberately submitting incorrect or misleading content including, but not limited to, observations automatically relinquishes their license and may be subject to legal action.

If you believe your access has been blocked unfairly, please contact support@emergencyaus.info.


The App Producers disclaim liability for any misuse or misunderstanding of any Content contained in the App and disclaims liability for any loss, damage or injury, be it health, financial or otherwise, suffered by any individual, group or organisation acting upon or relying on information contained within the App.

All Users of Content or the App indemnify the App Producers against all liability, loss, damage or injury (including consequential loss and damage and any legal costs) suffered by any person, organisation or entity in connection with the use of Content or the App. Users accept and acknowledge that they remain liable for all and any act or omission they undertake as a result of Content sourced via the App.

You cannot be sure you are free from harm’s way by only considering Content provided via the App.

Although a significant and ongoing investment is made to provide the most comprehensive Content related to emergencies, the App Producers do not claim to include all information about all Australian emergency events. The App Producers do not create advice regarding any act or omission to be undertaken in response to an emergency event and fully disclaim liability for actions of Users or third parties based on content provided in, or excluded from, the App and do not provide any guarantee of the completeness, accuracy or availability of Content provided. Any Content created by the App Producers is for commentary purposes only.

The App Producers are not licensing or claiming copyright on content sourced from agencies nor inferring ownership of or intellectual property rights to this content in any way.

All intellectual property rights and copyright, of all Content remains with the App Producers to the full extent of the law.


The App Producers have adopted the 10 National Privacy Principles as set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (amended by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000). The App Producers created this privacy statement to demonstrate its commitment to protecting personal privacy.

The App Producers are dedicated to keeping your details private. Any information we collect in relation to you is kept strictly secured.

The App Producers seek to adhere to the Guidelines for Federal and ACT Government World Wide Web sites developed by the Federal Privacy Commissioner. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for the App.

This privacy statement applies to all users of the App.

Information automatically collected

As a user of the App, you should be aware that we collect and use information however no personal information is required to start or use the App. No information about you (i.e. name, passwords, address, phone number) is collected automatically.

Information pertinent to supporting and maintaining the quality and operation of the App, including but not limited to any App related services, are collected and stored by the App Producers. This includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Installed applications – A list of applications / software (including versions) such as default email client, version of the App.
  • Device hardware – The type and version of hardware the App is running on.
  • Device software – The operating system and version running on the device.
  • Unique Device Identifier (UDID) – a unique number associated with your device that contains no personally identifiable information which enables your device to be identified, however does not permit us to identify you.
  • Unique User Identifier (UUID) – a unique number associated with your installation of the App that contains no personally identifiable information, which enables your installation to be identified, however does not permit us to identify you.
  • GPS information – The location of your device used for example when submitting Observations.
  • GPS status – a determination of whether your GPS is on or off.
  • IP address – The unique number associated with the internet service provider you are using.

Use of Information Automatically Collected

This information is transmitted to and logged by servers operated on behalf of the App Producers, in conjunction with the analytics engine via our partner Flurry. The information collected by Flurry is matched to the device UDID and as such your identity cannot be derived. We use this information to deliver and improve the quality of our products and services. In some cases aggregated information that does not contain any identifying information may be used in reports or presentations such as number of current users.

Information requested

Any personal information you choose to provide will only be used for the purpose for which it was provided and will not be disclosed to other persons or organisations without your prior consent unless required by law.
The App Producers offer the ability to register personnel details (such as name and e-mail address) via the App enabling you to receive a response to feedback provided and access your account activity / settings via www.emegencyaus.info and associated sites.

Use of information requested

The App Producers may contact you:
  • in response to feedback submitted, a question you have raised or interest you have expressed in a product or service
  • based on your location in respect to an emergency
If you have any questions about this privacy statement or if you have any privacy concerns, please direct them to us in writing to support@emergencyaus.info.

Contacting the Privacy Commissioner

Advice about the Internet and personal information can be found on the Privacy Commissioner's website.

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