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Integration and provision of real-time emergency information across Australia

Emergency AUS

Emergency AUS is the most comprehensive source of real-time emergency information in Australia. As our flagship product, the Emergency AUS network of websites and apps, bring together publically available emergency information to help communities make better informed decisions during emergencies. ...more

Emergency Information Data Feeds
Media outlets, Municipalities, Emergency Services and other businesses have a need for aggregated emergency information delivered in real-time. RIPE Intel can provide you with a fully customised xml data service of official and public emergency information including:
  • Emergency Service Warnings
  • BoM Warnings
  • Incident information
  • Public Observations
  • Photos

All data services are aligned to RIPE Intel’s national parity for terminology to increase ease of public consumption.

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Emergency Management Spatial services

RIPE Intel offers a range of non-emergency spatial services. Many emergency services and Local Governments have little to no Geographic Information Services (GIS) capability, and when it comes to issues like communicating Fire Restriction Boundaries to the public, accuracy is paramount. If you have a requirement for a map or map data, RIPE Intel can help. With access to official National, State, Territory and local map data, small jobs can usually be turned around in a matter of hours. We can provide data in various formats including ESRI (.SHP), MapInfo (.mif), Google (.kml/.kmz) etc.

RIPE Intel can also assist with boundary descriptions for inclusion in Government Gazettes.

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RIPE GeoTweet

Twitter is becoming one of many ways Emergency Services Organisations (ESOs) choose to communicate warnings and messages to the general public. The question is, are you using it to your full advantage? You can contribute toward ensuring warnings and community tweets are timely, relevant and tailored by utilising Twitter's spatial function. RIPE Intel provides a quick, easy and secure interface allowing ESOs to geotag Tweets anywhere in the world through the use of the 'Add my location' Twitter function

This adds an unmistakable spatial reference to your Tweet to assist your audience understand the 'where' in your message. By adding coordinates to your Tweets, the information can easily be displayed on a map. Twitter automatically includes a small interactive map in the expanded detail section of your Tweet. RIPE GeoTweet uses your existing Twitter account and Twitter's official and secure API; at no time does RIPE Intel (or anyone else for that matter) have access to your Twitter account, password or direct messages.

Contact us to discuss your GeoTweet needs or download a product info flyer.

Data Collection, Integration and Display Services

With a focus on multi-agency coordination and response, emergency services face many challenges. One of these is bringing together data from multiple agencies and multiple systems. With considerable experience in emergency services operational data integration business rule development and implementation, RIPE Intel can offer a number services to assist you in achieving a common operating picture.

If you have data tucked away in legacy systems that you would like to bring into the 21st century, RIPE Intel can help. From computer aided dispatch (CAD) system data mining, to delivering data and data collection apps to personnel in the field. Emergency services decisions are important, provide your personnel real-time access to information to support ICS processes. While you’re at it, consider the difference the same information could make to decisions made by the public… Information has no value unless it is shared.

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Consultancy and Advice
RIPE Intel offers free advice and a fee for service consultancy on all things emergency information related. We specialise in:
  • Public warning content
  • Public warning standards / framework
  • Incident / Warnings data feeds
  • Operational data aggregation and real-time reporting
  • Spatial display in command, control and coordination centres
  • Information flows
  • Intelligence gathering
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Real-time Warning Assessments

With a significant increase in the demand for (and scrutiny of) high quality emergency warnings, RIPE Intel now offer a near real-time mutli hazard Emergency Warning Assessment service. We assess emergency warnings against customisable criteria from recommendations, policy positions and findings to contribute toward ongoing performance improvement of emergency services.

A near real time assessment of a public warning is published on a secure website shortly after it is issued. This enables agencies to correct issues on the fly and to identify systemic issues for further attention. This service requires no modification to existing warning systems or processes.

Having warnings independently assessed contributes toward ensuring information provided to the community is informative, relevant and useful for decision making. Outcomes also include a level of protection against external scrutiny and informing training needs analysis.

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CAP-AU-STD Data Services

In June 2012, the Australian Attorney-General’s Department released a new standard to enhance Australia’s emergency management warning systems by enabling emergency services to easily transmit emergency messages and public safety information through all available technology-based devices.

Although a fantastic initiative, few Australian emergency services has implemented the standard as part of their public data feeds. If your agency is seeking advice on how to implement this standard, or if you would like to access RIPE Intel’s CAP-AU-STD compliant xml data service, please Contact us.

To learn more about CAP-AU, visit this Australian Government website.

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